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Tulsa: Skeletal remains found in Creek County possibly belonging to Cori Baker

More skeletal remains that may belong to Cori Baker, a 13-year-old Tulsa girl who investigators believe was murdered by her sister’s boyfriend in 2007, were found during the weekend.

National experts in missing persons investigations were here to assist Tulsa police with another search at the site where some of Cori’s remains were previously found.

Cori disappeared Nov. 9, 2007, after she reportedly was seen in Tulsa with Marquis Bullock.

Some of her remains were found March 21 at a paintball course near the Creek Turnpike and 49th West Avenue in Creek County. More of her remains were found there on subsequent days.

A medical examiner’s report listed her cause of death as undetermined and categorized the manner of death as unknown.

This weekend, authorities found a molar, rib bone and some other small

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