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We fell in love again 23 years after our 18-30 holiday fling

As Ally shared a last kiss with her holiday love, she felt a pang of regret realising she’d probably never see him again.

Two weeks was all it had taken for her to fall for the twinkly-eyed blond who swept her off her feet.

And Alan was equally smitten with the 22-year-old holiday rep who caught his eye on a Club 18-30 trip to Spain.

They assumed their holiday romance would end up being nothing but a happy memory. But 23 years later, they’ve been reunited… and are now about to get married.

Alan, 45, says: “I expected a few weeks of sun, sea and sex – 18-30s holidays don’t exactly have a squeaky clean reputation.

“But meeting Ally stopped me in my tracks. I knew that what we had was special, and even when I left, I never stopped loving her.

“When we got back in touch after so many years, I

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