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Missing teen’s parents help other families cope

(CNN) — When their 19-year-old son, Jason, disappeared eight years ago, any concept of a normal life ceased for the Jolkowski family.

Jason is shown as a baby with his mother, Kelly Jolkowski, who is now active in Project Jason.
Jason Jolkowski would be 28 today and might look like the man shown in this photograph.

Kelly and Jim Jolkowski and their other son, Michael, believed at first that Jason would walk through the front door of their Omaha, Nebraska, home at any moment. Now, every time a body is found somewhere, the news sets their hearts pounding.

To this day, police say they have no evidence of foul play. Nor, they say, do they have any evidence that Jason simply ran away. It is a bona fide mystery.

Kelly Jolkowski described her life in an open letter to her missing son a year ago: “We waited

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