Nonprofit Colo. company uses scientists to find remains of homicide victims

Botanists, geophysicists, entomologists, naturalists, meteorologists, hydrologists and archeologists aren’t typical crime fighters.

Still, increasingly their skills are being tapped to solve perplexing cold-case homicides.

NecroSearch International was formed in Colorado 22 years ago with the belief that a college professor’s expertise may be all that is needed to find the body of a missing person buried in a “clandestine” grave and thereby solve a murder.

Most of the nonprofit’s experts never have, and never will, put handcuffs on a suspect.

But evidence they have found has triggered arrests in murders across the country. The scientists and crime-scene experts have accepted assignments in more than 40 states and in 10 countries, including Russia, Italy and Guatemala.

Their success rate may not sound impressive — one in 10 — but these are decades-old cases that homicide detectives thought would never be solved.

NecroSearch volunteers do their work for a very affordable fee: just enough to

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