Hinckley: A fresh & jarring trip ‘Home’

‘Bringing Ashley Home,’ Sunday 8 p.m.,  Lifetime Movie

“Bringing Ashley Home” could be one of those paint-by-the-numbers stories of feel-good triumph. Instead, it keeps the viewer off-balance, which is disturbing but dramatically smart, because it makes everything more involving.

It’s also smart enough to issue all of its characters, even the heroines, a few flaws.

In fact, it goes further than that. While “Ashley” shows the difference between a good, lawful, productive life and a life spent stumbling around the streets, it shows how each of those lives has its own triumphs and failures.

You can be the “good one,” living the right kind of life, and still fall short in significant ways.

“Bringing Ashley Home” focuses on a pair of real-life sisters, Libba and Ashley Phillips, and by made-for-TV movie standards, the amount of dramatic license seems to be relatively modest.

Libba (A.J. Cook), the older sister, lives the

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