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Casey Anthony Faces Suit Over More Missing Children

While missing persons agency Texas Equusearch was searching for Casey Anthony’s abducted daughter Caylee, they were forced to turn away 15 other families with missing children.

The investigation company, TES, has filed a suit against Anthony, claiming the mother let the agency spend more than $100,000 on a manhunt she knew was futile.

TES is a private, non-profit that tries to help any family that needs it. Cindy Anthony, little Caylee’s grandmother, contacted the Texas agency when the two-year old went missing. The company, which has a high success rate and has received awards from people like George W. Bush, devoted so much money and man power to the Casey Anthony case that they were unable to assist other families whose children really were missing.


It certainly wasn’t fair to anybody that was involved and wasn’t fair to the families that really needed us, lead investigator Tim Miller told an Orlando Fox affiliate.


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