Luka Rocco Magnotta hunted by online sleuths over kitten videos long before murder accusations


Long before Luka Rocco Magnotta had gained the attention of INTERPOL for the alleged murder and dismemberment of a man in Montreal, he was already in the crosshairs of an anonymous online group who fingered him as the creator of a series of disturbing kitten-killing videos — and hoped to catch him before he turned his attention to humans.

After months of meticulous record searches and photo analysis, the amateur group, who dubbed themselves Animal Beta Project, were able to draw up a rough biography of the alleged killer, link him to the videos and even pinpoint his Toronto whereabouts. Their work may ultimately have been critical in helping police to link Mr. Magnotta to the brutal murder for which he is accused.

“We aren’t at liberty to discuss anything just yet,” an Animal Beta Project administrator told the

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