‘Crush’ Case Shows the Importance of Blowing the Whistle on Animal Abuse

Never doubt that one person can make a difference. One person did by alerting PETA to disturbing video footage online of animals being tortured and killed for sexual gratification. This week, Houston, Tex., residents Brent Justice and Ashley Nicole Richards were indicted by a federal grand jury for creating and distributing what are known as “crush” videos. This is the first time in U.S. history that a crush case has resulted in federal charges. And it’s all thanks to a tip that PETA received from one concerned individual.

Crush videos depict women torturing animals to death to satisfy the sexual fetishes of those who watch them. PETA’s Emergency Response Team worked around the clock to find the perpetrators who had crushed kittens and rats with their stiletto heels and used knives, pliers and screwdrivers to torture

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