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Missing Person Searches: French Authorities Won’t Look For Missing Adults Anymore

Missing in France? Don’t expect police to come looking.

Though the United States and Canada have bolstered their missing person organizations with the help of the Internet, France has suddenly taken a step in the opposite direction. Law enforcement agencies in the country have ended missing person’s searches for adults.

The news came in the form of a press release that was posted earlier this week to a government website.

“Taking into account the development of means of telecommunications and in particular the Internet, the number of [requests] … in the interest of families has considerably dropped these last years, such that this [system has essentially devolved],” wrote Laurent Touvetthe, Director of Legal and Administrative Information for the Prime Minister’s office.

As a result of the change, authorities will no longer search for adults who have been reported missing by family members. The changes took effect on Friday.

The only exception to the

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Gone in the blink of an eye

Barbara Warner Soares, center, looks at photos of her son, David Warner, with her sister, Kathy Nash, right, at the home of Soares’ twin sister, Addie Mae Maples, far left, in Jefferson City. David was 12 years old when he disappeared on March 2, 1983.

No trace ever found of 12-year-old Jefferson City boy missing since 1983

By Jim Balloch

Each month the News Sentinel is highlighting the nature of missing-persons cases as well as specific disappearances through the decades in the East Tennessee area. Read more stories.

JEFFERSON CITY – David Warner was a slender kid with buck teeth, blond hair, dark eyes and an odd mix of personality traits.

He was 12 years old and still in fourth grade at Jefferson City Elementary School. Yet he was more intelligent than suggested by the report cards that had held him back.

“He was really a pretty smart boy,” said next-door neighbor Bob

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