Help Track Down A Hit-And-Run Driver From One Single, Solitary Piece

Alright Jalops, this one is a doozy. What we’ve got here is a hit-and-run driver, a Ford Focus, and the single, solitary piece of chrome that was evidence of the perp’s wrongdoing. Think you can help solve it?

Reader Mike Luscher was sitting at a red light, minding his own business:

I was Driving my Mother’s ’09 Focus, And was essentially sideswiped on the front bumper when the other car Ran a Red light while doing at least 65, My front bumper to his passenger side. This occurred in that Odd little stereotype of NYC, Staten Island. This chrome piece is all that was left from this, It happened so quickly I couldn’t identify the car.

I was driving on Woolley Avenue, stopped at a red light for the intersection of

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