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SF man arrested on child porn charge

A Sioux Falls sex offender has been arrested on one count of possession of child pornography.

Detectives with the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force served a warrant Friday afternoon at the home of Mario Castaneda Jr., 40, in the 4800 block of South Louise Avenue.

Castaneda is being held on a $10,000 cash-only bond.

Randy Sample, a deputy Minnehaha County States’ Attorney, said Monday during court that a Rapid City internet detective came across an IP which was keeping and distributing child pornography. A subpoena was issued for the IP, which was traced back to Castaneda’s Sioux Falls home, Sample said.

The task force found one image of child pornography on Castaneda’s

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WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Jack the Ripper unmasked: How amateur sleuth used DNA breakthrough to identify Britain’s …

  • DNA evidence on a shawl found at Ripper murder scene nails killer
  • By testing descendants of victim and suspect, identifications were made
  • Jack the Ripper has been identified as Polish-born Aaron Kosminski
  • Kosminski was a suspect when the Ripper murders took place in 1888
  • Hairdresser Kosminski lived in Whitechapel and was later put in an asylum

Russell Edwards For Mail On Sunday