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Undertale Lets You Date Monsters If You Don’t Want To Fight Them

By Chris Priestman . January 30, 2015 . 8:27am


Toby Fox has released a new trailer of his upcoming RPG Undertale in order to mark its arrival on Steam Greenlight. You can watch it above. There’s also a Windows and Mac demo that can be downloaded on the game’s website.


Undertale takes place in a world where monsters and humans co-exist, or rather, they did. At one point, there was a war between the two races. The humans came out victorious, and decided to seal the monsters underground with a magical spell.


That’s the background of the game. The rest of it starts when a small child falls into a hole inside Mt. Ebott, tumbling into the world of these locked away monsters. What ensues is a surreal adventure that compares favorably to Earthbound.


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