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14 Creepy, Real Life Stories From Reddit (Because You Weren’t Planning On Sleeping Tonight, Right?)

guys. A little birdy recently told me that y’all like creepy stuff,
and hey, guess what? I do, too! So in order to start your weekend off
right, I’ve combed the latest AskReddit threads about real life
creepy stories
and assembled a “greatest hits” of sorts.
Because let’s face it: You weren’t planning on sleeping tonight
anyway. Right? …Right???

don’t know what it is about creepy stories and tales that I find so
appealing. Studies have shown that we have a psychological need for
, so I suspect it has something to do with that;
at the same time, though, I often wonder why some people love to be
scared and others don’t. I’m too chickenshit to engage in any
thrilling activities that might result in accidental bodily harm —
skydiving, race car driving, and so on — so I get my fix through

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Solving ‘Tent Girl’ Case, Factory Worker Turns Missing Persons Expert

For Todd Matthews, it all started with a ghost story shared among teenagers.

It was Halloween night 1987. A 17-year-old Matthews listened as friends tried to spook each other with scary tales — but one story told was true.

Lori Riddle, the woman who would become Matthews’ wife within a year, spoke of the dead body her father stumbled upon in Scott County, Kentucky in the spring of 1968.

“It was a strange story. A Jane Doe,” he said.

Investigators were unable to identify the murdered woman, making her one of the estimated 40,000 nameless people laying dead in the medical examiners’ and coroner’s offices across the country.

“I thought there was one. I couldn’t imagine that there were possibly 40,000,” Matthews, 44, said, recalling his youthful naiveté.

For 30 years the slain woman was known as “Tent Girl” —

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Your Loved One is Missing: What You Should Do

It’s getting late. You texted and you called… many times. And still nothing. You reached out to her friends. No one has heard from her. You try her phone again. No answer. You call her family. Maybe she stopped by her parents’ house on the way home. Wrong again. Panic starts to set in. You drive to her work. Still no sign of her.

If you suspect your wife, or husband or parent or sibling or any other loved one, has gone missing, here are the top steps investigators and missing persons experts advise you to take as authorities work to track down your family member.

CONTACT POLICE: If you suspect someone in your family member has vanished, contact your local, county or state police immediately. Many people believe an adult needs to be missing for at least 24 hours

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TV show on investigator’s horizon – Williamsport Sun

The detective filmed a TV pilot for a show looking into cold cases from all over the country with the Investigation Discovery team. The network features shows that take a closer look at interesting crime stories from across the nation.

Mains’ pilot, which was filmed in February of last year after Jupiter Entertainment contacted him and asked him to host a cold case show, is being shopped between the network and the Lifetime Movie network, looking for a permanent TV home. If it is picked up, Mains will go to the location of cold cases, both infamous and local, to meet with investigators and recreate the crimes through dramatic representation.

“By recreating the scene, hopefully we’ll generate some new leads,” Mains said.

The show will bring in different professionals to help analyze the case, including a blood stain analyst, forensic pathologist and local law enforcement.

Before the possible show pickup, Mains already was familiar

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These airlines are offering in-flight college classes

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By Kim Clark, Money

Just because you’re on an airplane doesn’t mean your head has to be in the clouds.

In addition to the usual fare of straight-to-DVD movies that will certainly rot your brain, two airlines have recently begun serving up some smarter in-flight entertainment to their passengers: complimentary audio and video of interesting college lectures.

In December, Jet Blue started

Tracking Down the Owner of Seattle’s Latest Foot Discovery

(Photo: ashur/Flickr)

Nestled in the snug confines of Elliott Bay, Washington, a quiet stretch of beach called Centennial Park plays host to joggers, fishermen, and other Seattleites who have discovered the area’s undisturbed bliss. On any given day, much like other Seattle beaches, trash and garbage of all kinds can be found washed up on the park’s shores. Early on a Tuesday last May, a volunteer group cleaning up trash on the park’s beaches came across something far more gruesome than the usual beer cans and candy wrappers: a tennis shoe filled with the decomposing remains of a human foot.

The shoe and its contents were immediately turned over to the Port of Seattle Police Department, who in turn sent it directly to the King County Medical Examiner’s Office. The office has

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18-year-old last seen in Red Bird found safe

Jesus Angel Zavala was seen about 6 p.m. walking in the 7300 block of Chaucer Place, near West Camp Wisdom Road and U.S. Highway 67.

Zavala has made threats to harm himself and is a danger to himself and others, police said. 

He is a 5-9 Hispanic man who weighs about 140 pounds. He has brown hair and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing a white T-shirt, gray shorts and black shorts. 

Anyone who sees Zavala is asked to call 911 or Dallas police at 214-671-4268.

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