TV show on investigator’s horizon – Williamsport Sun

The detective filmed a TV pilot for a show looking into cold cases from all over the country with the Investigation Discovery team. The network features shows that take a closer look at interesting crime stories from across the nation.

Mains’ pilot, which was filmed in February of last year after Jupiter Entertainment contacted him and asked him to host a cold case show, is being shopped between the network and the Lifetime Movie network, looking for a permanent TV home. If it is picked up, Mains will go to the location of cold cases, both infamous and local, to meet with investigators and recreate the crimes through dramatic representation.

“By recreating the scene, hopefully we’ll generate some new leads,” Mains said.

The show will bring in different professionals to help analyze the case, including a blood stain analyst, forensic pathologist and local law enforcement.

Before the possible show pickup, Mains already was familiar

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