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Missing 23-year-old last seen in east Oak Cliff found safe | Missing …

Update at 8:13 a.m. Armani Rebecca King has been located and is safe, police said. 

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A missing 23-year-old who was last seen in east Oak Cliff late Monday night is considered a danger to herself, Dallas police said. 

Authorities are asking for the public’s help to locate Armani Rebecca King, who hasn’t been seen since walking away from the 2700 block of East Illinois Street, near East Kiest Boulevard, about 10:40 p.m. 

King, who was intoxicated, made threats to harm herself, police said. 

She’s described as 5-foot-4 and 160 pounds. She was wearing a white shirt, black shorts and a red wig in a pony tail. 

Anyone who sees King is asked to call 911 or the Dallas Police Department at 214-671-4268.

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FBI Most Wanted List: 65 Years Of Successfully Capturing America’s Most Dangerous Criminals

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Most Wanted list is celebrating 65-years of successfully capturing the most hideous criminals in America’s history.

Notorious FBI director J. Edgar Hoover instituted the most wanted list in 1950, after a reporter asked the bureau to provide a list of names and descriptions of the “toughest guys” that the agency wanted to capture. After the public showed intense interest in the resulting story, Hoover decided to act and publish a formal list.

Since its inception, the FBI most wanted list has featured 504 fugitives from the law — eight of whom are women — with 473 (94 percent) captured or located. Out of that number, 155 (31 percent) have been found with the public’s assistance, a key element of the list.

Leslie Isben Rogge, captured in 1996

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‘Justified’ Discussion: ‘The Past And The Future Are A Fight To The Death’



There’s a lot to get to from this week’s episode of Justified, including SPOOKY GHOSTS and HUGE PILES OF MONEY and POTENTIAL DINOSAUR ATTACKS QUESTION MARK. Let’s start at the beginning, though.

Last night marked the eighth episode of the show’s 13-episode final season. Time to get cranking away on some potential fates for our favorite collection of Kentucky hooligans and lawmen. And crank away we did. First and foremost, Ava is burned as a C.I., and everyone knows it. She doesn’t know everyone knows it, though, which puts her in the unenviable position of choosing between Boyd’s offer of $50k to run with no safety net, Raylan’s secretly revoked offer of $50k and witness protection, and a plot to steal $10 million that is looking more like a death trap now that Raylan knows about the dynamitin’. Not ideal.

And about that $10

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The Internet Might Have Actually Solved A 20-Year-Old Cold Case With Crowdsourcing



The track record for internet-based amateur crime investigators is not great, especially when you consider that the only skills required for such a job are a very flexible schedule and an internet connection. But if everything checks out, Reddit and Facebook might have just solved a case involving an unidentified young man who died in a 1995 car accident while following a Grateful Dead tour. The details about it are still a little sketchy, but if we can get Sarah Koenig on this, we might solve it after all.

Keep in mind that the operating word is “might.” This case still remains unsolved, but after several years of posting and sharing photos and details about this mystery, someone finally came forward who claims to know the identity of the man known

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Sheriff’s Office celebrates with promotion, awards

Somerset County Sheriff Frank J. Provenzano and his command staff recognized employees with a promotion and service awards at a ceremony in the Somerset County Courthouse in December. They also welcomed a few new employees to the Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Provenzano also remembered two canines who passed away after 12 years of service to county residents: K-9 Dano, a drug-detecting dog, and K-9 Boone, a

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