‘Justified’ Discussion: ‘The Past And The Future Are A Fight To The Death’



There’s a lot to get to from this week’s episode of Justified, including SPOOKY GHOSTS and HUGE PILES OF MONEY and POTENTIAL DINOSAUR ATTACKS QUESTION MARK. Let’s start at the beginning, though.

Last night marked the eighth episode of the show’s 13-episode final season. Time to get cranking away on some potential fates for our favorite collection of Kentucky hooligans and lawmen. And crank away we did. First and foremost, Ava is burned as a C.I., and everyone knows it. She doesn’t know everyone knows it, though, which puts her in the unenviable position of choosing between Boyd’s offer of $50k to run with no safety net, Raylan’s secretly revoked offer of $50k and witness protection, and a plot to steal $10 million that is looking more like a death trap now that Raylan knows about the dynamitin’. Not ideal.

And about that $10

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