Cold case investigators behind Philly’s Vidocq Society are in high demand

Once a month, for the last 25 years, criminal investigators and forensics experts have been meeting for lunch behind closed doors in Philadelphia to discuss some of the nation’s most heinous crimes.

But what might appear a shadowy cabal to the casual viewer is actually a volunteer collection of crimefighters donating their time and expertise to help smaller police departments investigate unsolved crimes.

It’s called the Vidocq Society.

 ‘We just give our opinion’

For decades, police in Phoenix couldn’t figure out who stabbed two women and left their bodies near the Arizona Canal in the early 1990s.

Running out of leads, they eventually hit a wall in the investigation.

So last year, two Phoenix investigators flew to Philadelphia to seek out the expert advice of the Vidocq Society’s current and retired criminal investigators.

The two investigators left with one strong kernel of advice from Vidocq members — they had probably already come

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