Missing Julian Hernandez – found alive after 13 years – ‘asked Reddit users for advice after discovering his ‘abduction’

The teenager found after going missing in 2002 aged just five may have asked Reddit users for advice after discovering he was abducted by his father, it has been reported.

In August 2002, 18-year-old Julian Tiberius Hernandez went missing in Birmingham, Alabama. It was suspected he had been abducted by his father Bobby Hernandez, 53.

On September 26 user on the social media site, where users ask each other for advice, wrote: “Sometime between the ages of 3 and 5, my dad took me, against a court order, away from my mother without me even knowing this.

“He changed my name and SSN (social security number) and did something similar for himself.

“I have lived my entire life up until a few days ago oblivious to this fact (I was told the name people had been calling me when I was young was my current middle name.) I only discovered all this as

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