Queensland police targeting online drug dealers

Queensland Police are targeting drug dealers who are using online classified websites to openly sell and buy illicit substances.

With Schoolies revellers descending on the Gold Coast, detectives from Queensland’s Drug and Serious Crime group have been engaged in Operation Sea Monk in recent weeks – in an attempt to prevent further drugs from flooding the streets.

“Recent studies say that you can obtain ice in particular within 15 minutes of going looking for it,” Detective Superintendent Jon Wacker told A Current Affair.

At a police briefing, Detective Howard Ball informed involved officers: “70-percent are selling, 30-percent are seeking drugs.”

In total, 28 people have been charged with 105 offences as part of Operation Sea Monk. These charges include trafficking, producing and supplying dangerous drugs.

“The success of this operation will mean we will continue to monitor the internet,” Detective Superintendent Wacker said.

Police are urging the public to help them in the fight against

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