Identifying These Car Parts Could Help Catch A Lethal Hit-And-Run Driver [Update: Suspect Charged]

On Monday, June 13th motorcyclist Damian Taylor was knocked off his 1982 Suzuki by an unidentified car, succumbing to blunt force trauma injuries and passing away shortly after. Police were seeking help tracking down the driver involved, and after a few days of searching seem to have done so.

WYFF says Taylor was 37 years old, and unfortunately not wearing a helmet when the crash took place. That was obviously a poor decision on his part, but does not excuse the driver who hit him and left him from responsibility.

[Update: as of Friday June 17th, police have arrested a suspect after a trooper spotted a “small white sedan” that must have been showing the damage indicated here (missing hubcap, taillight.)]

From WYFF:

“Highway Patrol

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