MTV’s Unlocking the Truth is too focused on white men

Eva Nagao and Ryan Ferguson star in MTV's Unlocking the Truth - COURTESY OF MTV

  • Courtesy of MTV
  • Eva Nagao and Ryan Ferguson star in MTV’s Unlocking the Truth

In the last two years, stories of possible wrongful convictions have taken the true-crime genre by storm. To the Serial podcast and Netflix’s Making a Murderer, we can now add MTV’s Unlocking the Truth.

“It could happen to anyone” says Ryan Ferguson in the opening scenes of the show, as he explains his own story. When Ferguson was 19, he was convicted of murdering a newspaper editor in his hometown of Columbia, Missouri, and sentenced to 40 years in prison. After his case got picked up by Chicago-based attorney Kathleen Zellner—who has successfully litigated exonerations for 17 men and now represents Steven Avery of Making a Murderer—attorneys found that evidence against Ferguson was obtained through coerced

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