All The HGTV And Food Network Shows You Love Are Leaving Netflix At The End Of The Year

Do you want another reason to hate 2016? I have one. At the end of the year — this horrible hellfire of a year — most of Netflix’s collection of ridiculous reality TV shows will be removed from the service. The second when more than half of America will need a comforting and numbing HGTV or Food Network binge to calm its nerves, those shows won’t be there. It’s like 2016 is finding yet another way to rub salt in the wound it has caused because it’s a rebellious teenager that won’t let us have a minute of peace.

Last week it was announced that Scripps Networks Interactive, the company responsible for basically every house hunt and cook off you care about, will not be renewing its contract with the streaming service. Scripps owns HGTV, the Food Network, the Travel Channel, and DIY, so every show under those four

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