Top 10 of 2016: Long-missing Laurel woman found alive

One of the longest-running mysteries in the Whitewater Valley found itself solved in 2016, and in the process making headlines the world over due to how the mystery was actually solved.

Lula Gillespie-Miller was 28 years old when she left her Laurel residence in November 1974, never to return, and since that time the rumors and questions about her disappearance ran rampant. A renewed investigation into her disappearance began picking up steam in 2014, when the exhumation of a woman’s remains found in Richmond in 1975 – around the same time Gillespie-Miller’s family last heard from her in a letter postmarked in Richmond – took place by the Indiana State Police to see whether those remains were, in fact, Gillepsie-Miller.

As it turned out, in March of this year, it was confirmed those remains were not Gillespie-Miller. In fact, Gillespie-Miller was still alive, according to the Indiana State Police, living in southern

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