He disappeared without a trace six years ago. His mother has never stopped looking

Six years after the disappearance of her only son, De’Anna McKnight-Bell still finds herself taking detours home through new neighborhoods to look for him. She stops beneath bridges to check homeless encampments and scans the faces of people walking down the sidewalk.

“I’m constantly looking to see if that’s my son. … I’m never going to give up,” she says.

Her son, Michael Darnell Bell, was last seen after 3 a.m. on Sept. 17, 2011 southwest of Mendota along Interstate 5 in Fresno County. California Highway Patrol officers found Bell sitting in his vehicle, out of gas, and gave him a lift to a nearby service station on Panoche Road.

“Someone told me he vanished without a trace,” McKnight-Bell says. “I just can’t accept that.”

As his mother, I’m never going to give up.

De’Anna McKnight-Bell

On the anniversary of his disappearance, she’s asking the public again for help. She hopes to receive any new

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