Cornwall’s eight most mysterious unsolved murders and missing …

Murders and missing person enquiries are always disturbing, even more so when the police are unable to get to the bottom of them and there remain more questions than answers.

Some of the killings were brutal, almost unimaginable in their depravity and the crimes horrified communities and stumped police — leaving questions that lingered for decades afterward, as years passed without a police arrest or even a credible suspect.

We’ve taken a look back at some of the most high-profile Cornish mysteries that remain unsolved to this day.

Les Bate

Les Bate

Les Bate

In 2012 the family of murdered farmer Les Bate pleaded for his brutal killer to be brought to justice.

Speaking after Cornwall coroner Emma Carlyon had ruled that the 71-year-old farmer was unlawfully killed in April 2002, his granddaughter, Kerry Bate, said the family still hoped the person responsible would be caught.

Mr Bate, 71, was found

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