Everything you need to know about Netflix’s ‘American Vandal’ and …

On paper, Netflix’s American Vandal sounds like a Funny or Die skit that would be amusing for about seven minutes before the joke wore out its welcome. Full disclosure: I almost dismissed it for precisely that reason, before sitting down to watch the season when Netflix made it available for review.

The show is described by the streaming service as “a half-hour true-crime satire that explores the aftermath of a costly high school prank that left twenty-seven faculty cars vandalized with phallic images.” And, like any good mystery, the show hinges on our interest in answering one simple question: “Who drew the dicks?”

The premise might seem juvenile — and rest assured, the show sure doesn’t skimp on the dick jokes — but it doesn’t take long for American Vandal to hook you, mostly by committing to its premise just as sincerely as the true-crime documentaries it’s parodying, despite

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