Missing person: Cathryn Gorospe

WILLIAMS, Ariz. – Flagstaff Police Department is attempting to locate Cathryn Gorospe, who was last seen in Flagstaff Oct. 6. Gorospe was seen at the Coconino County Jail bonding out Charlie Malzahn.


Flagstaff Police Department

Cathryn Gorospe and Charlie Malzahn were travelling in this 2010 Toyota Rav 4 with Green Bay Packer’s stickers on it.

Gorospe was reported missing by her roommate Oct. 8. Malzahn was located Oct. 9 in Gorospe’s vehicle, without Gorospe, and was arrested after fleeing police.

An acquaintance of Malzahn said the vehicle, a 2010 Toyota Rav 4, had sustained damage and was missing end pieces of the rear bumper and had damage to the front quarter panel. The acquaintance also said there was blood on the center console, interior passenger door, sunroof

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