Steven Avery’s Ex-Fiancée Says "The World Is a Lot Safer" After His Parole Gets Denied (EXCLUSIVE)

The wrongly-convicted turned murderer Steven Avery is still in jail — and he won’t be getting out anytime soon. The 55-year-old criminal and inspiration behind Netflix’s documentary series, Making a Murderer, was denied a retrial by a Sheboygan County judge. And now, Steven’s ex-fiancée, Lynn Hartman, exclusively tells In Touch that she’s glad her ex isn’t getting released.

Lynn admitted that she “celebrated with a cocktail” when she heard that Steven, convicted of
murdering Teresa Halbach in 2005, was denied an attempt at an appeal. “I feel that the world is a lot safer now knowing that Steven won’t be getting out.”

Steven Avery Netflix

(Photo Credit: Netflix)

It’s understandable that Lynn would feel safer knowing that Steven is staying behind bars. She previously revealed to In Touch that he had written her threatening letters that made her feel unsafe.

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