Identifying John Doe

More than six months have passed since human remains were found in Lyon County. They have yet to be identified.

A skull was found in a grassy area on the east bank of the Neosho River just outside of Neosho Rapids on April 29. The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office responded to the area and found additional remains approximately 20 feet north of the skull.

The pending investigation and autopsy has revealed information which could be beneficial in identifying the remains, which were wrapped in a fitted bed sheet and comforter and placed within a black lawn and leaf bag.

The autopsy revealed the remains are of a male with predominately white heritage with African American traits, indicating the individual may be mixed race. The individual was 5’4” to 5’6” and possibly middle-to-late age. The individual had long hair — six to eight inches in length — which was blonde, white or grey in

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