Steven Avery’s Defense Attorney Says New Evidence May Set Him Free (EXCLUSIVE)

She promised to free Steven Avery. “[My] goal is to exonerate [my] client” by consulting the “best scientists in the world,” defense attorney Kathleen Zellner vowed in early 2016, after taking Avery’s high-profile case. “It does not matter how long it takes, what it costs or what obstacles we have to overcome,” she later added. “Our efforts to win Mr. Avery’s freedom will never stop.” But despite spending more than $230,000 on tests and promising to prove the guilty verdict was unjust in the case that became a national obsession thanks to Netflix’s Making a Murderer, some experts now say that Zellner won’t succeed. “Avery is going to die in prison,” NYC defense attorney Bruce Baron tells In Touch.

But Zellner’s not backing down. On Oct. 23, she filed a 54-page motion asking the court to reconsider its decision to deny her client a new trial for the grisly

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