A crooked hat is vital to Detroit-set homicide thriller in newest from writer Harry Dolan

Author Harry Dolan(Photo: to Linda Randolph.)


When writing mystery novels, author Harry Dolan keeps track of two different things: what the reader thinks is happening and what is really happening. 

“You want to play fair with the readers as much as you can, so there needs to be clues about what’s really going on. But the clues can’t look like clues or they’ll give everything away. It comes down to control: You have to reveal things at the right time, not too soon or too late,” explained Dolan, 51.

A native of Rome, NY, currently living in Ann Arbor, Dolan is the author of the David Loogan mystery novels: “Bad Things Happen,” “Very Bad Things” and “The Last Dead Girl.” The first two books occur in Ann Arbor. 

His latest, “Crooked Hat,” is set in Detroit and introduces private eye Jack Pellum.

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