Donthe Lucas arrested

    It’s a case that’s been ongoing for nearly five years, but justice for Kelsie Schelling took a new turn last Friday, Dec. 1. Donthe Lucas, 25, was arrested by Pueblo Police Department along with agents from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation on first-degree murder charges.
    While many view the arrest as long overdue, Kelsie’s family remains cautiously optimistic. “We’re thankful for the arrest but know we have a long road ahead of us,” said Kelsie’s mom, Laura Saxton of Yuma. “We’re just starting a new chapter in what we know will be a long process.”
    Her dad, Doug Schelling of Holyoke, reiterated, “I still have a daughter missing.” While they’re glad that an arrest has been made, he added, “It doesn’t seem much different to us.”
    For them, the focus continues to be the search for their daughter and her unborn child. Kelsie, who grew up

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