‘My Brother’s Keeper’: The story of how one man fought to bring his brother’s killers to justice

Ted Kergan would stop at nothing to bring his brother’s killers to justice.

It took him almost 30 years and $1 million, but Kergan finally saw to it that the two killers ended up behind bars.

Now Kergan’s story is being told in “My Brother’s Keeper: A Thirty-Year Quest to Bring Two Killers to Justice,” a book written by first-time author Chris Russo Blackwood.

“It was a terrifying, horrific experience to go through,” said Kergen of his brother’s case that started so many years ago. “I had a really bad feeling right up front and started to prepare myself for the worst-case scenario.”

In the book, Blackwood recounts the story that began in 1984 when Gary Kergan disappeared. He was last seen at a Baton Rouge strip club called The Night Spot with a dancer/prostitute known as Erika. In reality, her name was Leila Mulla. Eventually, she and her companion, Ronald Dunnagan, were arrested

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