SCOUTING AROUND: Mystery Machine adds to parade fun

   Anyone who went to a parade this weekend knew where Scooby-Doo was, as the Mystery Machine rolled through both Andrews and Murphy’s parade routes. The Mystery Machine is a 1973 Ford van, just like the one from the cartoon. Robert Hamilton was owned the van for nearly 30 years.
   “It wasn’t always a Mystery Machine,” he said.
   About six years ago, when The Learning Center charter school in Murphy was planning Halloween events, the school was going to get a van to be the Mystery Machine, the vehicle the gang of crime-solvers use in The Scooby-Doo Show. Hamilton said he already had the perfect van in storage.
   Hamilton always built something for the school’s Halloween activities – his niece went to the charter – and was happy to get his van painted like the Mystery Machine. He enlisted help from Ground to Graphics to paint it

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