How to Cope When You Get Bad Grades In A Creative Degree

This is a sweeping generalization, but I think it’s fair to say that everyone who studies anything creative studies it because they love it. No graphic designer or filmmaker went out and did a whole soul crushing degree because they couldn’t get into law and wanted to have an incredibly unstable future.

So, what the fuck do you do when you create something beautiful and totally genius only to get a 52/100? Hysterically cry while eating fistfuls of grated cheese? Shave your head Britney style? Attack your lecturer’s office window with your MacBook? All are good. But coping like a real person is better. Here’s how to avoid the hectic crush to your self-esteem.

OK, I know. Your character design is your flawless baby. Your tutor doesn’t understand. Your entire worth as a human lies in the layout of this one marketing folio and if this fails you might as well

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