Petition urges Netflix to cancel ‘Making a Murderer’

By Jim Hagerty

As “Making a Murderer” fans wait for new episodes, a petition circulating online is asking Netflix to remove the first season and cancel whatever is currently in the works.

“With the recent allegations against many actors, producers, politicians, reporters and many well-known people in general, many companies are making a ‘no tolerance’ policy,” the petition reads.“Netflix has shown this in the firing of Kevin Spacey and cancellation of Louis CK’s comedy special.

“The morally ethically right thing for Netflix to do would be to follow their own policy as they did with Kevin Spacey and Louis CK, and cancel the second season immediately while denouncing sexual assault and abuse on women.”

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The petition was started by Twitter user “Boston Brett,” who, like masses of other “Making a Murderer” viewers, walked away believing Steven Avery was wrongfully

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