Sales Challenges: How to Play Sales Detective

Welcome to CSI Print Sales. We’re a small micro-unit of the big city crime-solvers who investigate wrongs and make them right. Today, we will do a forensic study on a sales subject that frequently causes the death of an order: “Your price is too high!” My name is Detective Farquharson. I carry a badge. Oops. Sorry, wrong generation.

dung-dung There, that’s better.

Now then, let’s take a look at the case. The victim is a print sales rep of medium build and moderate experience. The claim is that customers only buy on price. Seems he’s been running into this situation for a while, but finally got fed up and has filed a complaint. His boss, the sales manager, contacted us. Let’s review the victim’s statement:

“I typically mind my own business and try to do my job. As a print salesperson, naturally, I seek out purveyors of printed products and

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