“THAT’S MY CHILD!” — Man Offers $10000 Reward To Get Back Stolen Monkey!

Carl Minix and Henry

Carl Minix can’t bear to be without Henry (Courtesy of Carl Minix)

SOUTHWEST RANCHES — Broward County saw a kidnapping of an unusual nature on Thursday. The abductee? A 3-month-old capuchin monkey named Henry.

Henry’s owner, Carl Minix, returned home to his Southwest Ranches home late after dinner to find the small simian had been taken from a bedroom window by an intruder.

That’s my child,” a distraught Minix said. “I mean, I worked a long time to be able to get him, and it wasn’t an easy task.”

Minix wasn’t overstating things. Florida law stipulates that to keep an animal like Henry, you have to have a permit and 1,000 hours of relevant care experience.

Given the significant investment in time and his emotional bonding with the animal, Minix wasn’t about to take the disappearance lying down. The bereft monkey-dad promptly

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