In These States, Missing Persons Cases Are Piling Up

4. Washington

Heather Higgins Washington-State-Missing-Person Her case remains unsolved. | Washington State Police

  • Washington has 5 to 7 missing persons for every 100,000.
  • In 2010, a 39-year-old woman left her apartment and her cats to run errands. She was never seen again.

Another state in the northwest – Washington – was noted for having a high number of missing persons. It was categorized by Huffington Post as having between five and seven missing persons for every 100,000.

A baffling case is that of South Spokane resident Heather Higgins, who was 39 when she was last seen on Sept. 20, 2010 leaving her apartment with a friend. Later, when Higgins couldn’t be reached, her mother Jackie Forney went to her home and found nothing amiss. When asked, the friend said he had dropped Higgins back off at home after they ran errands. As far

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