In These States, Missing Persons Cases Are Piling Up

5. Nevada

Steven Koecher Nevada-missing-person He was last spotted on surveillance video. | jassy sidhu via Youtube

  • In Las Vegas alone, 60-80 people go missing every weekend.
  • One man disappeared in 2009 after walking away from his car filled with wrapped Christmas presents.

In Nevada, people go missing in the big cities and remote areas alike – often for different reasons. The state is known for the Nevada Triangle, a desert area where up to 2,000 planes have vanished over the past 50 years, some never to be found.

One man disappeared in the city of Henderson, Nevada in 2009 under mysterious circumstances. Steven Koecher, then 30, had recently relocated from Utah. His car was found abandoned, parked on a suburban dead-end street. The last known images of Koecher were captured on a neighbor’s security camera. He is seen

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