In These States, Missing Persons Cases Are Piling Up

8. Wyoming

Authorities suspect foul play. | County 10 News via Youtube

  • Wyoming has 5 to 7 missing persons for every 100,000.
  • In a well-publicized case, a jogger who vanished 20 years ago remains missing.

Wyoming is known for some beautiful wilderness as well as being home of Yellowstone National Park. It happens to be the least populous state in the country, even though it’s the 10th largest by area. However, the state has a moderately high number of missing persons.

On July 24, 1997, Wyoming resident Amy Wroe Bechtel taught a weight-lifting class. She then ran some errands, marking the last time she was ever seen. Authorities reported the 24-year-old then went to the Shoshone National Forest to practice the course of an upcoming 10K run. That night, she was reported missing by her husband, and

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