‘Deadly Women’ no lie

“Lady Killers: Deadly Women Throughout History” by Tori Telfer. Harper Perennial, 2017. $15.99.

When you think of serial killers throughout history, the names that come to mind are ones like Jack the Ripper, John Wayne Gacy, and Ted Bundy.

But what about Tillie Klimek, Moulay Hassan, Kate Bender? The narrative we’re comfortable with is the one where women are the victims of violent crime, not the perpetrators. In fact, serial killers are thought to be so universally, overwhelmingly male that in 1998, FBI profiler Roy Hazelwood infamously declared in a homicide conference, “There are no female serial killers.”

I picked this book on a whim, my eye caught by the bold title. I don’t read much nonfiction, but this book seemed straightforward enough that I could pick up a few new facts before the next season of Netflix’s Making a Murderer came out. What I wasn’t expecting was a thoughtful and witty book

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