UVA’s Innocence Clinic Wins Release of Man Convicted of Armed Robbery

The Innocence Project Clinic at the University of Virginia School of Law has secured a conditional pardon for its client, Messiah Johnson, who the clinic argued was wrongly convicted of armed robbery.

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe signed orders Friday for the release of Johnson and five others in separate cases. In doing so, he noted the sentences were “far outside what should have been adequate to keep Virginia safe.”

Johnson had been sentenced to 132 years in prison.

“Mr. Johnson has served over 20 years for this crime and yet there are serious questions about his guilt – he has always maintained his innocence and there is credible evidence that he was not guilty at all,” the governor’s office said in its afternoon statement.

Johnson was convicted in 1998 of taking part in the robbery of a hair salon in Norfolk. The clinic alleges Johnson was misidentified as one of the disguised men (“Robber

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