Dassey legal team includes Supreme Court veterans

(WBAY) – One of Brendan Dassey’s attorneys says his team has partnered with experienced Supreme Court attorneys as they prepare to take their arguments before the highest court in the land.

Steven Drizin, the founder of the Center on Wrongful Convictions of Youth, took part in a Facebook Live with Concord Law School at Kaplan University.

Click here to view the full interview with Steven Drizin.

Dassey and his uncle, Steven Avery, are serving life sentences for the murder of Halbach. Investigators say Halbach’s remains were found on the Avery property in Manitowoc County. Avery and Dassey were convicted of 1st Degree Intentional Homicide during separate trials.

Dassey was 16 at the time of the killing, and his defense argues his low IQ made him susceptible to making an involuntary confession. The confession was a big part of the prosecution’s case against Dassey and Avery.

Drizin and his team have petitioned

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