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You have to watch this absurd new Netflix show, ‘American Vandal’

That ethos is evident right from the jump, which features a splashy intro and an interview with the main suspect: Dylan Maxwell.

That ethos is evident right from the jump, which features a splashy intro and an interview with the main suspect: Dylan Maxwell.Netflix

Not only is “American Vandal” a fake documentary about a high school vandalism, but many of its characters — including the fake documentarians themselves — are high schoolers.  

Dylan Maxwell, above, is considered the senior class clown by his fellow students. He’s notorious for drawing cartoon penises all over

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This suburban dad paid for sex with 25 girls. Why?

This is the story of two people: one paid for sex, one was sold for it.

We’ll call the buyer Jason.

Jason claims he purchased girls for sex without ever thinking about their age.

“All of this operates in the shadows,” he said. “All this operates in secrecy. I’m sure there are guys that say, ‘I don’t go to underage because I know.’ You don’t know.”

Watch the full Selling Girls series in the playlist below.

The average age of trafficking victims is just 15 years old, according to Shared Hope International research study. The non-profit group works in the prevention of sex trafficking and the restoration of those who have been victimized through sex trafficking.

Jason said he purchased sex more than 25 times and never got caught.

“When I was in the midst of it, I never

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We must fix the tribal lands gap in our AMBER Alert system

Ashlynne Mike’s life ended too soon.

Her favorite color was yellow, and she enjoyed playing music for her friends and family.  She was a kindhearted soul who had enormous potential.  She was 11 years old.

After school on Monday, May 2, 2016, she and her brother played by the local bus stop, never considering the horrors that would occur over the next few hours.  A stranger approached the children. He managed to lure both of them into his vehicle. He violently abused Ashlynne and then slaughtered her, and left her brother to fend for himself in the wilderness.  She died alone, forcibly estranged from the family and community that loved her.

Ashlynne, a member of the Navajo Nation, might still be alive if not for a gap in our AMBER Alert system.

Across the nation, when children go missing, local authorities frequently use the AMBER Alert program, a voluntary partnership between broadcasters, transportation and

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3 years later, search continues for killer of Rockingham County man

ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) — This Friday marks three years since Richard “Ricky” Charlton was found dead at his home in Rockingham County, and no arrest has yet been made in his murder.

Charlton was described as a hard-working and friendly person, and his murder rocked the tight-knit community of the Ferguson Mobile Home Park in the Keezletown area.

“It’s pretty scary, yeah it’s pretty scary to be honest. I just feel sorry for the loss of him. I hope we can find this person who committed this crime,” said Erica, the victim’s neighbor.

Several months later, in April of 2015, the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office and the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office announced a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the murder.

That reward is still available.

Three years later, family members and law enforcement are asking anyone in the

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The Illinois Innocence Project Raises Awareness About Wrongful Conviction in the US

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — The Illinois Innocence Project (IIP) in Springfield used International Wrongful Conviction Day on Oct. 2 as an opportunity to raise awareness around and honor the number of wrongful conviction cases in the U.S. The event took place on the University of Illinois Springfield (UIS) campus with 2,096 flags raised to represent each person wrongfully convicted.

International Wrongful Conviction Day was created in 2014 to raise awareness of the causes and remedies of wrongful conviction and to recognize personal, social and emotional costs of wrongful conviction for innocent people and their families, according to the International Wrongful Conviction Day website.

The special day began as a result of the efforts of the Innocence Network — an affiliation of organizations dedicated to providing pro bono legal and investigative services to individuals wrongfully convicted. IIP is one of many members of the Innocence network, and is based on

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The ‘Justice League’ Poster Reminds Us Of ‘Batman Forever’

Warner Bros.

‘Justice League’ poster

Warner Bros./Time Warner Inc. dropped a new Justice League poster yesterday. If the colors and layout reminded you of something, that may not have been an accident. Yes, the poster art, in terms of its design and intent, is not unlike the posters for Joel Schumacher’s Batman sequels. The character layouts are not unlike the Batman Robin poster, while the action-y poses are similar to the Batman Forever one-sheet. Be it coincidence or design, it’s just another way that Warner Bros. hopes that Justice League, in terms of audience reception and box office uptick, will play like Batman Forever.

If you’re an old man like me, you might remember the outcry that greeted the release of Tim Burton’s Batman Returns. The Michael Keaton/Danny DeVito/Michelle Pfeiffer/Christopher Walken action sequel was, of course, the follow-up to Burton’s record-crushing Batman from

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Diamond thief flees jewelry store in Southpark Mall

Three women were arrested on prostitution charges on October 12 in a joint operation involving the FBI, Myrtle Beach Police Department and Horry County Police. The operation was conducted at the Hilton Garden Inn in Myrtle Beach, according to Don Wood with the FBI. Devinee Kathryn Boyle, 20, Anjuma Inubia Nesanet, 19, and Tawanna Mickens, 22, have all been charged with prostitution, first offense.

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He helped IMPD put away a killer. Then his death became a warning: Don’t talk to police






In recent years, fewer of the city’s homicides have been solved.
Nate Chute/IndyStar

People remember Henry Nunn, 63, in different ways.

His wife remembers him as a Christian man. To police, he was a hero. Others remember Nunn as the guy who paid the ultimate price for testifying in court.

Nunn was killed in his home after identifying one of the men who killed his neighbor in 2012. That neighbor, as it turned out, had been a

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