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Burger Battle round 3: An underdog advances to the Final Four

In the third round of Burger Battle 2017, we sent teams of three judges to try three burgers at each joint. Not three burgers apiece, although a couple of judges would have gone for that.

The results were telling. One place is definitely on a roll. There’s another that’s having a good-luck streak — or, rather, its competitors have combined for a bad-luck streak. And there is a former champ that has made it to the Final Four — our only former champ to do so — but is showing some vulnerability.

Although there were only four match-ups, there’s a lot to get to. So here we go …

(2) Fuego Burger vs. (5) Swiss Pastry Shop

When you get to the Elite Eight round of any bracket, you can’t afford a stumble. After a tremendous burger in the previous round, Swiss Pastry Shop had an uncharacteristic one against Fuego Burger.

The Spicy

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9 Chilling Missing Person Cases From History That Are Almost Too Hard To Believe

8The Eilean Mor Lighthouse Keepers

Peter Standing/Wikimedia Commons

On Dec. 26, 1900, the ship Hesperus, captained by James Harvey, was traveling to the lighthouse at Eliean Mor, an uninhabited island that was part of the Flannan Islands located in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland. The lighthouse keepers were the only folks meant to be present on the island; in fact, the Hesperus was actually transporting a replacement lighthouse keeper, Joseph Moore, to Eliean Mor.

When they arrived, however, the lighthouse was empty.

A horn blast and a flare sent up to alert the lighthouse keepers to their arrival went unanswered — and when Moore actually made landfall and arrived at the lighthouse itself, he found the door unlocked. Several oil skin coats near the door were missing; there was a partially eaten meal and an overturned chair in the kitchen; and

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New Appeal For South Jersey Girl, 12, Who Went Missing 21 Years Ago

Police have made a new appeal in the case of a 12-year-old pregnant South Jersey girl who went missing 21 years ago.

Willingboro police this week released an aged-enhanced depiction of Celina Mays, who would be 33 years old today.

Mays was reported missing on Dec. 16, 1996 from her residence in Willingboro. At the time of her disappearance, she was 12 years old and approximately 9 months pregnant, according to police.

This photo is how she looked in 1996.

Her sister, Noreal Mays, told ABC5 it would be better to know her state of being, “if she was with us or not with us.” The identity of the baby’s father is also not clear.

Police say at the time of her disappearance, Celina’s family and the strict church they attended in Mount Holly “were less than cooperative.” according to ABC6.

“If you are 12 and nine months

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‘Just following leads,’ chief says about searches in Sunbury cold case

Barbara Miller has been missing for 25 years. (The Charley Project) 

SUNBURY — Sunbury Police Chief Timothy S. Miller that on Wednesday he searched the former home of Barbara E. Miller, who has been missing for 29 years and presumed dead, and on Thursday searched a pond.

“I’m just following leads,” he said of the searches that were part of the investigation into Miller’s homicide.

The chief , who is not related to the victim, said Thursday that he’d found potential evidence in the Miller’s former home in the 200 block of Penn Street that has been sent to a lab.

And on Thursday, a 55-gallon drum was recovered from a fresh water pond off state  Route 45 between Lewisburg and Montandon, he said. New Cumberland River Rescue personnel assisted in the recovery.

Miller declined to say

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5 Disturbing Clues In Missing Person Cases That Will Keep You Up At Night

These disturbing clues are baffling. In all five cases, leads went cold, and the person was never found.

1. The Romance Novel

On the morning of August 4, 1981, 20-year old Cynthia Anderson went to work at a law firm in Toledo, Ohio, where she was employed as a legal secretary.

Later in the day, her employers realized she had vanished. Her car was parked outside but her car keys and purse were missing. A romance novel was on her desk, open to a scene where the heroine is abducted at knifepoint.

There have been many other theories about what happened to Cynthia. Police received an anonymous tip that Cynthia was being held against her will in the basement of a white house. Then, one of the attorneys at Cynthia’s firm was involved in drug dealing and went to prison. Both these facts drummed up

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Authorities identify remains found on Federal Way church property

Authorities identify remains found on Federal Way church property …

Sunbury to pay $13609 to help solve mystery of woman’s 1998 death

Barbara Miller has been missing for 25 years. (The Charley Project)

SUNBURY — The city of Sunbury will pay $13,609 to cover the cost of repairing a duplex in Milton from which a concrete wall and basement floor were removed as part of a cold case homicide investigation.

The cost would have been higher were it not for the donated equipment, labor and materials, Councilman James Eister and Police Chief Timothy S. Miller say.

Miller credited the support of the community in keeping down the cost of the investigation in the 1989 disappearance and presumed murder of Barbara E. Miller.

He cited the donated equipment, labor, supplies and food at the Milton location.

“I think the community has been incredible,” he said. “It shows how important this case is to the community.”

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Body found on Bolt Mountain positively identified as that of woman who went missing in 1977 – Beckley Register

For nearly two decades, she was the woman on Bolt Mountain.

Her body had lay, hidden, at an abandoned mine site on the mountain until 1993. Hunters found her skull then, leading police to her skeleton and the rest: her dirt-covered sweater and flared slacks, her high-heeled clogs and the ring that would help identify her in 2017.

Her body yielded little evidence of who she had been, but detectives were able to get a miniscule DNA sample.

Last week, Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Larry Lilly had positively learned the identity of the woman whose remains had mystified investigators since 1993.

Her name was Margaret Dodd.

Now, Lilly, along with West Virginia State Police Sgt. R.A. Daniel and retired Beckley Police Department Detective Bureau Chief Frank Pack, the original investigator of Dodd’s abduction, are looking for Dodd’s murderer.

“This is a big step in the case,” said Lilly. “But the biggest step is still there,

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Retired cop launches investigation into teen’s disappearance in 1970s

BURLINGTON CITY — A retired police officer is re-examining decades-old evidence and looking for any new tips in the 43-year-old disappearance of a local teenager. 

Michael D’Alesio, a retired member of the Willingboro Township Police Department, has volunteered his time as an investigator in the cold case of Margaret Ellen Fox, who went missing in 1974 at the age of 14, according to the Burlington City Police Department. 

D’Alesio met with current and former members of the Burlington City Police Department Tuesday to discuss the case, and the importance of picking it up after so many years. 

“If this woman is alive, somewhere somehow this newscast will get to her, someone is going to see it,” D’Alesio said, according to NBC 10. 

Fox had recently advertised her services as a babysitter in the summer of 1974, and planned to meet a man who called himself John Marshall in downtown Mount Holly for an interview, according to The Charley Project, a site

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