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On the Road to Remember

Community United Effort, an organization based in North Carolina that is dedicated to assisting families of missing people, made a stop at Sumter County Sheriff’s Office near the end of its annual On the Road to Remember tour on Friday.

CUE was founded by Monica Caison in 1994 after she met multiple families of missing people.

The organization is funded by donations and staffed by volunteers who assist in the search for missing people, advocate for the families as well as provide support to the families.

According to a news release from the organization, CUE has assisted more than 11,000 families during 23 years of existence. The tour has been going on for 13 years.

This year, a group of four volunteers traveled about 4,000 miles from North Carolina on Oct. 20 to South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Florida. While traveling through each state, the volunteers stopped at local law enforcement agencies or met

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Keeping hope alive: Family and friends of missing Andrews woman vow to ‘never give up’

Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of investigative articles on the 2005 disappearance of Crystal Soles.

Crystal Soles disappeared from Andrews 13 years ago.

She’s never been found.

On Oct. 21, nearly 100 family members and friends gathered at her former home, vowing to keep the search for Soles active, and pledging to continue to fight for answers regarding her unsolved missing persons case. 

Crystal’s last contact with her family was a call to her father, Wingate Soles, now deceased, from a phone booth in front of Shaw’s Corner Store in Andrews in the early morning hours of Jan. 24, 2005. 

“I will never give up the search for my daughter,” Gail Soles, Crystal’s mother, told the Georgetown Times. “Somebody out there knows something, and if it takes me to the day that I die, I am going to uncover what happened to my daughter.”

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Glynn County highlights missing persons, ‘cold’ homicide cases

BRUNSWICK, Ga. – During a visit by the Community United Effort’s Center for Missing Persons to the Glynn County Police Department this week, local officials highlighted a case of a brother and sister missing for 28 years and four unsolved homicide cases.

Michael  Monica Bennett

Age progression photos of Michael and Monica Bennett show how they might look today.

June 21, 1989: Siblings Michael and Monica Bennett were reported missing and have never been located. Their father, Robert George Jr, said

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Police pause to remember missing persons

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NC’s CUE Center begins annual tour to highlight missing persons cases

— Working to bring missing people home is the goal of North Carolina’s Community United Effort’s Center for Missing Persons.

Volunteers from the organization started their multi-state “On the Road to Remember” tour on Friday. This year’s tour will highlight about 90 missing persons cases, some of which have ties to the Triangle.

Kara Roberts has been filled with questions for the last 17 years. Her sister, Leah, went missing in 2000, when she was a student at North Carolina State University.

Leah’s car was found in Washington state nine days after she took an unannounced road trip, but she was never found.

“The law enforcement has been very active in her case out there, but unfortunately, we still don’t have answers,” Roberts said.

Leah is one hundreds of thousands of people who are reported missing each year, and the nonprofit is working to put a dent in the number.

They highlight different

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Family of Heather Elvis raising money for CUE Center for Missing Persons

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Family, friends remember Heather Elvis on missing girl’s 24th birthday

If you’ve ever bought a cell phone, laptop, tablet or power tool that runs on lithium-ion batteries, odds are good you’ve got a chance to get a piece of a class action settlement.

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Keeping their memory alive: local group holds annual benefit ride for unsolved murders and missing persons

KOKOMO – Members of the Milwaukee Iron Clubhouse took a ride Saturday in memory of dozens of unsolved murders and missing persons cases in Indiana.

“There’s over 200 open missing persons cases in Indiana right now,” said Julie Wise, state outreach coordinator for Community United Effort (CUE), a nonprofit missing persons search and recovery agency.

In addition to forming search parties across the country, CUE advocates for families and provides supportive services such as K-9 rescue, foot searchers, water teams and much more. .

In the past several years, CUE has led searches in Kokomo following the 2011 disappearance of Kelly Armstrong and 2009 disappearance of Esther Westenbarge.

William Palfree is Westenbarge’s brother and a member of the Milwaukee Iron Clubhouse. He’s helped organize Kokomo’s Keeping Their Memory Alive Benefit Ride for two years in hopes of bringing awareness to missing persons cases and providing comfort to families still struggling with the loss of

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