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Why People Are Asking Questions About That Bizarre Viral DeLorean Fire

This is one of those stories that, at first, just seems simple and terrible. Unfortunately, the more that gets revealed, the less simple everything becomes. The whole thing revolves around one awful event: a 1981 DeLorean destroyed by fire. However, since it’s blown up on the local news and Car Internet, a lot of people are asking questions about what happened.

Around noon on Jan. 5, Daryl Kemsley, a 22-year old YouTuber with a taste for exotic cars, was driving his 1981 DeLorean, his childhood dream car. Kemsley claims he had just agreed to sell the DeLorean for $70,000, and was driving the car back from a mechanic after a pre-sale inspection.

During the drive in Orem, Utah, Kemsley claims in a Facebook post that he was rear-ended by a driver who

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