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String of broken car windows in Salisbury under investigation

WATCH: Pocomoke City man charged with murder in shooting | 0:42

Darryl K. Wise, Jr., 26, of Pocomoke, has been charged with first-degree murder, second-degree murder, reckless endangerment, first-degree assault, second-degree assault and handgun violations, state police said Friday.
Video by Keith Demko

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Chesterfield families’ cars broken into in broad daylight during softball tournament

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Parents and coaches at a softball tournament in Chesterfield County found their car windows smashed and their valuables missing over the weekend.

It happened Saturday afternoon at the Harry Daniel Park at Iron Bridge.

Four vehicles were broken into in the parking lot beside the softball fields.

You can still see the shattered glass scattered along the ground in the area. Police said purses were taken from the vehicles.

Now Chesterfield Police have some advice on how to prevent yourself from becoming the next victim.

“No one is going to be immune if a thief is wanting to get into your car, they’re going to figure out how to get into your car,” Corporal Kevin Bacon with Chesterfield Crime Solvers said.

Corporal Bacon said that what makes these break-ins unique is that the windows were smashed

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Let’s ID These Broken Car Parts To Help Find A Hit-And-Run Driver

The city of Denton, Texas police reached out to me earlier today because they need our help. A vehicle hit a pedestrian, and then took off before the driver or the car could be identified. The wreck did damage the vehicle, which shed some shattered bits of light and trim at the scene. Now police would like our help to identify what kind of car these pieces came from.

We’ve done these before, and we’ve done them well. There’s no better online community than the Jalopnik Hive Mind to figure this kind of thing out, but this one looks particularily tricky.


The parts are really quite small—some just shards, if we’re honest. But I bet there’s just enough here to figure this out.

The largest piece is

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Broken Arrow family re-energizes search for missing daughter on 5-year anniversary of disappearance

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. – Five years ago to the day 17-year-old Paige Moore disappeared from her family without so much as a clue to where she went. 

Monday, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children sent out a photo of what she looked like the day she disappeared and a digital prediction of what she looks like now, hoping it can lead to answers. 

Bobbie and Michael Moore, Paige’s parents, say they’ll never stop looking for her. 

“Our hearts are so tired of being broken,” said Bobbie Moore. 

Paige would’ve just turned 22 if she was still with her family. 

“She left when she was 17. Had just turned 17. And… my poor baby,” said her father Michael Moore. 

Her family and friends gathered Sunday at Neinus Park to commemorate her disappearance, sharing memories of their funny, opinionated, one-of-a-kind Paige. 

“It feels like a dream kind of. Like you never think something like this could happen

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‘Making a Murderer’ Defense Attorney on Broken Justice System

In December 2006, I arranged to open the small white box from the 1985 Avery case, in the Manitowoc County Clerk of Circuit Court Office. Also present were Norm Gahn, the special prosecutor from the Milwaukee District Attorney’s Office who specialized in DNA evidence-and Calumet County Sheriff ‘s Office detective Mark Wiegert.

When I entered the room, I was surprised to see that Wiegert only had the 8 x 6-inch white box. There was no sign of the bigger card­ board box into which everything had been thrown.

Gahn was puzzled, too. “Um,” he said, looking at the small white box. “No, I thought there was a big box.”

“I thought it was gonna be in the big box, too,” I said.

Wiegert said, “My understanding is, that is it. The other items were fingernail scrapings and hair.”

We donned green gloves before opening the white box. Inside, there was indeed a Styrofoam dam-shell container.

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