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Missouri Supreme Court considering future for KC man who claims innocence in 1996 double murder

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Missouri’s Supreme Court is now considering what happens next for a Kansas City convicted killer.

Ricky Kidd was sent away nearly 22 years ago for the murders of two men. But all along he has proclaimed his innocence.

If there’s one thing Monica Gray is used to, it’s waiting. She’s been waiting 22 years for Kidd, her long-time boyfriend, to be proven innocent of the two murders.

“They’re giving us injustice,” Gray said. “The system is broken, and it needs to be fixed.”

Gray’s case is in the hands of the Midwest Innocence Project, with a legal team that includes a former Jackson County assistant prosecutor and UMKC law professor.

Although they contend Kidd never should’ve been convicted based on conflicting witness testimony, the only shot to clear his name now is with DNA.

“In our case, we won the DNA motion. We got an order that the DNA be tested

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